Danudjaditya – Distöpia


Preview Track: Pasak Kunci

After releasing 4 singles to digital streaming platforms over the past year, Danudjaditya will release a full album titled “Distöpia” which will be released on May 20, 2022. This album contains 9 songs about greed, cruelty, and abuse of power. “Distöpia” is a fictional story that tells the story of a country called Nuransäthä. Where at first this country was a prosperous and wealthy country, until one night his own warlord named Uthärös seized power by force by stabbing King of Nuransäthä head with a sword. Distöpia’s artwork also depicts the silence and gloom of the land of Nuransäthä which is shown in red like blood. Not only that, the figure of someone who looks helpless wrapped in cloth but in his heart wants to rebel is also highlighted by Resharris as the creator of this work. “The figure is the interpretation of the people of Nuransäthä who are being hit by difficult circumstances and shut themselves off from others due to a lack of trust in one another,” said Resharrris.

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  1. Suay Marabahara
  2. Buyar Seketika
  3. Somrä Lantur
  4. Canda Satwa
  5. Pürge Track
  6. Adiksi Atensi
  7. Öcknut Aparäm
  8. Pasak Kunci
  9. Kömpradör

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3, exclusive digital booklet, and .WAV format by request.