Grimloc for The Store Front

Morgue Vanguard dedicated his”Iqlab the Remix/Reinterpretation Project” for us, The Store Front. As a thank you, we dedicate this page for Grimloc, an all encompassing label from Bandung that shaped countless youths with their old school approach since 2007.
To commemorate the late Still and the making of Fateh 10 years ago, Herry Sutresna (Morgue Vanguard) brought in Efek Rumah Kaca, Kareem Soenharjo (BAP./BAPAK), Kuntari, Jaydawn, Tamat, Senyawa and many others, to remix the songs from the critically acclaimed album, spreading them across 12 tracks in this reinterpretation LP.

Grimloc Releases on The Store Front

You can also support the label by donating through Balad Barudak or purchasing their physical goods on their website here.