Timekeep – Leaving (ft. Andre from Tough Love)


The point is leaving things in the past to go to a new life / new memories. Can it’s called moving on, but it’s more about the process; sick, lost, old wounds & new wounds, etc. become One. So fading it is a process. There are 2 views in terms of fading can fading until it runs out or fades is part of the healing process until it merges / completes and becomes alive; The process of this song is somewhat unique, the making of this song started in early 2019. Originally wanted to be released around 2019 to 2020.

But time says otherwise, we (timekeep) have to lose our beloved vocalist (vian pratama) who had cancer when he was young. As already know what we want to happen our guitarist (ridho) also wants to focus on life new life by building a small family that we can’t force will and finally look for another solution. Until finally this empty vocal field is filled by 3 vowel sounds; ridho (old personnel), nopal (new vocalist) and andre from tough love to fill in the scream sound which became the identity of Timekeep itself. Timekeep is now complete with 5 great personnel namely nopal (vocals), tiwa from Negativeifften (lead guitar), idaemrisna (guitarythm / back voc), Rinaldy (bass) and Brian from Flair Band (drums). After the long awaited release of our EP called “Epoch” (2018), we ventured to release leaving to be our next step in music. With the new personnel, we hope that there will be new colors in our music and fresh air for us to continue on this beautiful journey.

This is what has to happen, so it’s time to leaving for something new. Time will tell.

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Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3, and .WAV format by request to info@noisewhore.com