Teenage Death Star – The Early Years ’88-’91 Backyard Tapes


13 years on after “Longway to Nowhere” the esteemed band from 2008, Teenage Death Star, is back with a new album. Well sort of. This album boasts 21 tracks recorded in the early days of Teenage Death Star, if you think the band is all over the place now, wait until you hear these 21 tracks. It captures everything that TDS stands for, the famed expression: “Skill is dead, let’s rock”

The album took a lot of salvaging recordings from as early as 30 years ago. Files were lost, scraped and fixed in order to make this happen.

The band also roped in David Tarigan, Agan Harahap and Ahmad Rizzali to design three alternate covers and two digital posters for this release.

No need to elaborate further, this is a momentous moment for a band that can create a career out of 9 songs in 2008. By that logic, we can expect them to last until 2047 at least.

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front. Comes with 7 bonus tracks, 3 different cover arts and 2 digital posters.

wav format available by reaching out to us via info@noisewhore.com after checkout.

NOTE: wav format will not be available for the 8 bonus tracks.

Staff Comments: 

“I thought this day will never come. A TDS release. I don’t think I can justify this release further, but if you’re not familiar with TDS, you have the privilege of listening to this album first and then listen to the next album “Longway to Nowhere”  –  you’ll see how TDS came together sonically.”

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  1. Conscious Evolution Time Capsule
  2. Jailhouse Break Sex Riot
  3. Don’t Cut Your Hair and Please Quit Your Job
  4. Neurological Disorders of Science Fiction
  5. And You Will Know Us By The Thunder In Your Heart
  6. Psychodramatic Electra Complex Monologue
  7. Little Lego Atlantis Warrior
  8.  Intergalactic Brotherhood of Kryptonite Worker
  9. Rules of The Universe
  10. Thrills in Manila 1975
  11. Quantum Dynamic Black Magic
  12. If You Tolerate This, Your Football Association Will Be Next
  13. I .A. M. S (International Aftermodnight Misreading Society)
  14. Arabian Disco Night Dictionary
  15. Lembe-Lembe (The Store Front Bonus Track)
  16. Pancasila (The Store Front Bonus Track)
  17. Comfy in Teluk Bayur (The Store Front Bonus Track)
  18. Buta Hejo (The Store Front Bonus Track)
  19. Bunga Rampai (The Store Front Bonus Track)
  20. Hanya Ingin Teler (The Store Front Bonus Track)
  21. Imagine (The Store Front Bonus Track)

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3, three alternative covers and two digital posters.


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