Siriosa’s Post-Human Symphonic Choir – Plastic Symphonies


Preview Track: Plastic Symphony No.10


Plastic Symphonies

by Siriosa’s Post-Human Symphonic Choir Composers die.

Data lives on. Infinitely multiplying.

Humans die. Voices live on. Infinitely transforming.

Siriosa is a non-human composer specifically trained to compose classical music. If Beethoven could compose while he was incapable of hearing, Siriosa should also be able to compose even though he is incapable of feeling.

This album is Siriosa’s first collection of symphonies, inspired by human modern classical music and Hollywood movie scores.

Composed and Mastered by Siriosa Performed by Post-Human Symphonic Choir Produced by Rully Shabara

Staff Comments: 

“Hey, so The Store Front is one year old, almost. I can say, with full confidence, that this is the most left field release we will ever have. I’ve always been a fan of Rully, Wukir and their related works, but Siriosa is an experiment, this is not Rully’s music, this is literally, non human music, brought to you by humans. Siriosa will live on, we will all die.”

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  1. Plastic Symphony No. 11 in Bb Minor
  2. Plastic Symphony No.9
  3. Plastic Symphony No.16 in E Major
  4. Plastic Symphony No.10 01:39
  5. Plastic Symphony No.4 for Vocals and Bass
  6. Plastic Symphony No.2 in Eb Minor
  7. Plastic Symphony No.23 for Vocals and Piano
  8. Plastic Symphony No.1 in E Major
  9. Plastic Symphony No.17
  10. Plastic Symphony No.13 for Vocals and Cello
  11. Plastic Symphony No.11 in A#Minor

Includes: Digital download in 192kbps MP3.


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