Preview Track: Liar Terbakar (Original Mix) 

Pulling the grinding sounds of industrial rock into the mainstream, SEL became one of the face of in industrial music in the 90’s in Indonesia. Formed by (Ademoz (RIP), Richard, Radom, Makky), they released a self tittle demo tape in 1996 contain four track dark and eerie song combine with an intense angst, betrayal and self destruction lyrical.These distinctive characteristics became the mark of SEL early era material.

In 1998 SEL signed a new deal with Independent Records and produce SEL first full length album titled Suara Sunyi (translate: quiet) an eleven track of harsh sound, noisy and pumped beat that near blow everyone’s ears off.
After a bunch of destructive live performances along the year until 2000, SEL decided to took their long hibernating proses.

20 years hibernated and nearly died, the sparks of life raised again the big bear. SEL cameback again with new infectious intimidated materials. Anoa Records re-released digitally their first demo tape in 1996 plus two bonus tracks dedicated to their vocalist who passed away Ademoz.

SEL named the released ‘Re•li•kui’, as it mean something considered valuable and sacred things. This is their sacred EP.

Staff Comments: 

“As wild as it is interesting, SEL is a classic amongst industrial giants in the country”

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  1. Dream (Intro)
  2. Galau
  3. Liar Terbakar
  4. Liar Terbakar (Pudar)
  5. Diam Terpaku (SilentMix)
  6. Liar Terbakar (OriginMix) 

Includes: Mp3 320Kbps download and liner notes.