Rrag – Bayang


Preview Track : Terjebak Gusar


Maxi single “Bayang” is a byproduct of minor anxieties that were experienced by Rrag – predominantly concerning the city itself, the shadow of bygones, and the notion of getting stuck in the rain.

“Rumah Hantu” was written by Bayu Azni (Swellow). the song tries to communicate a message of resilience, that one should not confine themselves in their difficult past, which then he analogized as if it was a haunted house.

“Bayang” paints a little story about “Kota” Bogor as a satellite city for Rrag at the time. It is about a city known for its pleasant stays and a destination for metropolitans to take a breather. But also a city filled with natives who spend half of their time, money and energy commuting to Jakarta to support a living.

“Terjebak Gusar” is a musical narration of moments where one meets someone unexpectedly along the way. Imagine that feeling of you needing to leave, but rain gets in the way. You’re sitting on your motorcycle, with a laptop in your backpack, and also, you left your coat at home. so, you’re just there, trapped in your own rage.

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  1. Rumah Hantu
  2. Bayang
  3. Terjebak Gusar

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