Rand Slam – Carpe Diem


Preview Track: Waktu Tak Terulang (ft. Tuan Tigabelas)

Produced by Densky9, his long time collaborator, Rand Slam’s third album might be his most candid yet. His honesty brings together strength and vulnerability, confidence and humility, with the occasional ‘fuck you’ attitude. More than just a barrage of multi-syllable rhymes, word plays and punchlines, he paints picture where most couldn’t, and this might just be his way going forward.

Written and recorded by Rand Slam

Produced, mixed and mastered by Densky9

Artwork by Rappinflat

Featuring: Sade Susanto on ‘The One’ & ‘Rayakan Pencapaian’, Insthinc on ‘You Know The Vibes’, Tuan Tigabelas on ‘Waktu Tak Terulang’, & Opay Woles on ‘Rayakan Pencapaian’ (Backing vocal)


This release is an exclusive to The Store Front. 

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  1. Episode
  2. Biar Nanti
  3. The One (feat. Sade Susanto)
  4. You Know The Vibes (feat. Insthinc)
  5. Oknum
  6. Keluh Kesah Kilat
  7. Waktu Tak Terulang (feat. Tuan Tigabelas)
  8. Rayakan Pencapaian (feat. Sade Susanto)
  9. Masing-masing, Tiap-tiap
  10. Selamat Pagi Bapak Ibu Bangsat
  11. Carpe Diem

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3, Exclusive Digital Booklet, and .WAV format by request to info@noisewhore.com