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Born and raised in Bandung, Raissa Dwi Febriani or better known as Raissa has started to explore the contemporary dance music scene since her move to Bali in 2018. Immediately after building connections with the surrounding communities, Raissa debuted her DJ set in May 2019 at a party held by ORBITWARE. This showcase party featured all female DJs, inspired Raissa to participate in activities that gave more female DJs and artists more space, especially in Bali. Through several underground parties, online festivals, and mixes hosted on several local and international radio streams, Raissa has shown her existence. At the end of 2020, Raissa finished the material for her debut EP titled “Durma”.

Durma is a projection of Raissa’s work which is organically formed from musical selections in her DJ career which is encapsulated into two track numbers. The EP starts off with “Ristik”, a 120 BPM track that hits the mark with a thick kick drum led by a loud percussion swing of kendang and snares.

Followed by the title “Durma” as a representation of the EP title itself. This rhythmic track at 100 BPM implies briefly about the current conditions with an illustration of the Macapat Durma song approach, where the Macapat song is spread across Java, Bali and Sunda. Durma is close to the definition of Dharma, the concrete form of morality’s narrative of goodness. In other stories, Durma can identify with something bad, such as a decline in manners or ethics. From this duality of meaning to the starting point for the narrative coordinates of Durma, a chaotic starting point is transmitted in terms of harmony.

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Staff Comments: 

“The EP features two very fun tracks to listen and dance to. The influences drawn from traditional dance music makes these two songs even more distinct and immersive.”

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  1. Ristik
  2. Durma

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.


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