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Preview Track: OHHM (feat. Matter Mos)

Project Unlxcked is a Jakarta based producer duo consisting of Andre Adriaan Rugebregt(also known as ShotgunDre/TheUwha) and Steve Machris. This EP is their first official release ever since 7755, a collaboration between Project Unlxcked, REI, and Teddy Adhitya for T(H)EMAN. Influence by Hip-Hop, Neo Soul, and Electronic music, Project Unlxcked is copying, combining, and transforming the three into their own sound.

There are three special guests in this EP. Ayub Jonn, ShotgunDre’s longtime fellow and a member of the collective ONAR, the prolific Matter Mos, and a newcomer singer named David Lusikooy.

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Written, composed, arranged, produced, and recorded by Andre Adriaan Rugebregt and Steve Machris.
Mixed and mastered by Randy MP.

Guest contributions on OHHM:
Vocals and lyrics by Fadil Mcgee.
Vocals recorded and mixed by Fadil Mcgee.

Exclusive merch by Project Unlxcked


  1. Time to Time (feat. Ayub Jonn)
  2.  Look Inside (feat. David Lusikooy)
  3.  OHHM (feat. Matter Mos)

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3. WAV format by request.

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