Post Humous – Unicult


After the release of our second single entitled “hybrid spectrum”, this time Posthumous is back with a new work with industrial/experimental nuances with a touch of underground hip-hop, entitled UNICULT. In this project we invite the rapper from Manado ”EIBIEND Negatif 1”, to work together on this single in 2021 and perfected by the producer and vocalist of Posthumous in 2022. On the production side of the song material, we invite “HELLSPIN” to take the role of the main instrument, with samples taken from wood cutting machines, then filled with a touch of 808s, and guitar strains with a fairly heavy distortion. UNICULT’s lyrics are inspired by the vocalist’s disgust for the human division, oppression, racism, to the failure of religion that is unable to save humans from the onslaught of decadence. Today’s houses of worship or religious practices no longer show the essence of life. Religion has been taken over by a greedy system that undermines His great values. The loss of human nature from nature with all forms of instinct of free will. UNICULT itself will be the most important point of the EP PANTEISME which will be released soon this year.

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