Nakatomi Plaza – Let the Midnight Come – Single


Nakatomi Plaza is a Marcel Thee and Haika Azizi, from Sajama Cut/Strange Mountain among many others and Sigmun/Bin Idris respectively. The first single offer an exciting prospect of the duet.

I’ve been a big fan of Haikal Azizi’s music for a long time. From his solo stuff as Bin Idris to Sigmun, which first EP we at The Bronze Medal actually put out ages ago. So I am really happy to announce our new band together Nakatomi Mutherfuckin Plaza. We will release our first single on the 25th because Jesus rules, you heathens. And also because it rocks and Haikal’s voice rocks. He sings, wrote the words, plays guitar and magickal solo, and Kiting from Circarama added some fine fine fine bassline. I did the drums, keys, sang a tiny bit in the chorus and mixed it. Alright, tomorrow we put up the cover sleeve and link to presave. Oh and Destroy Stairs made this awesome collage and did the cover (also awesome). It is being released by Orange Cliff Records who I adore. Adios.

– Marcel Thee, Dec 2020.

wav format available by reaching out to us via after checkout.

Staff Comments: 

“In the latest twist for christmas, Haikal Azizi and Marcel Thee, two individuals from renowned acts such as Sajama Cut and Bin Idris, as well as proven solo act on their own as Bin Idris and Strange Mountain, teamed up and produced a single. One of the most exciting project this year and it pays off. A must have if you’re into anything that they’ve been working on. It’s melodic, catchy and has a lot of flair.”

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