Noble Rot – Swars


Preview Track: Buas Tlah Menyalak (Rosario de Marshall)

The Noble Rot is a noble decay, referring to the process of winemaking based on grapes. Decay using the noble rot method in some countries (Germany, Hungary, France) is considered absolute and pure decay because through the slowing down of the decay process over time, it involves nature (climate-season) as the main element in its process. This philosophical foundation subsequently underlies SWARS in the creation of works. Like the creation of noble wine, it needs to go through the phases of birth, growth, death, decay, and resurrection. The same goes for the musical concept of SWARS, which also goes through the process of planting ideas, construction-reconstruction, settling, and being reborn as a work resulting from the fermentation of thoughts. In the creation of musical and lyrical works, SWARS does not measure limited perspectives, indulges in wild humor, reactions and reflections, and is connected to events in the past (urban history) and current events. SWARS and its lyrics question the dark and minor urban history, addressing the exploits of “legendary” criminal figures in the underworld, such as Johny Indo, Rosario De Marshall (Hercules), Kusni Kasdut, etc.

Credit : All songs written by Setiawan F. Havid aka Mbek All lyric and guitar recorded in April by Setiawan F. Havid at Rabbit Studio Drums recorded in May 2022 by Binar R and Koberz Pvnk at Rabbit Studio Bass recorded in May 2022 by Faisal Al Katir at Rabbit Studio Vocals recorded in June 2022 by Ryan at Rabbit Studio Mixed and mastered by Ilan Anugerah at Nuisance Audio Lab Jember (East Java) All songs produced by SWARS Thanks to God, Our family, all collaborator (Ry, Binar, Koberz, Faisal), Sebastian Orlando, Gelam, Aga, Farsya BANGSART, Bedadoeng Project/Eincik, Elmi aka The Woll, Ali Gosan, Dimas Hidajat, Rana, Wisnu, Syamaidar, and all drunken crew.

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  1. Noble Rot
  2. Buas Tlah Menyalak (Rosario de Marshall)
  3. Ludovico
  4. PACINKO, Pt. 1
  5. Suar Di Tanah Tembakau

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