Mr. Dymz & Friends – Second Wave Compilation


Preview Track: Toro Laksana – I Was Told ‘Em I Was From 022

Mr. Dymz with friends from This That Media re-released a collaborative project titled “Mr. Dymz & Friends: Second Wave ”. A compilation with familiar names from the electronic music scene. Having previously released a collaborative project with Unzip and Unjar entitled “Manifest”, Mr. Dymz, a producer who is also active as a skateboarder, has invited more names from various regions such as Alate, Coune, DVTR, DTX, I.VY, MSSVKNTRL, Neitha, REY399S, Samdesanta, Tanamur, Toro, and also Unjar. This compilation was initiated by Mr. Dymz as a medium to reunite between two different generations and revive their enthusiasm; with the hope that this energy can be conveyed to those who listen. Even though Mr. Dymz himself has not had the chance to meet these names in person, this compilation is still carried out and is ready to bring everyone who is listening to feel a different atmosphere in each song, but still within the scope of Jungle / DnB. After this compilation, Mr. Dymz does not rule out the possibility to collaborate with anyone again, the goal is to provide opportunities for new generations to shine. “Mr. Dymz & Friends: Second Wave ”can be heard in all digital stores and online streaming platforms.

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  1. Alate – Whiteyrose
  2. Coune – Sx Turbo
  3. DTX – Dis Dat
  4. DVTR – Resurgance
  5. I.VY – People’s Champ
  6. Mr.Dymz – Second Wave
  7. MSSVKNTRL – Against My Doom
  8. Neitha – Psyche
  9. REY399S – 1KN
  10. Sam De Santa – Babylon
  11. Tanamur – Kejawen
  12. Toro Laksana I Told ‘Em I Was From 022
  13. UNJAR – Rough One

Includes: MP3 320Kbps download.