Monohero – Awake


Preview Track: Desember Jangan Menangis

Consisting of 6 songs and 4 instrumentals, Awake tells about the human’s existence as an odyssey of itself. The trio said you can pronounce the word ‘Awake” within its usual English meaning (fully conscious, aware), or “Awak’e”, a Javanese word that means “One’s soul or existence”. Arie Omen as vocalist and lyricist said, “The lyrics of Awake is like a reminder, especially for myself. About how we all, humans, are constantly facing our demons throughout our life. It’s a never-ending process until we finally call it a day: A peace between us and ourselves.” He also admitted that his lyrics were heavily influenced by Javanese philosophical teachings. No wonder, 5 songs in this album use the Javanese language. MF Wafy, the composer still presents the electronic music formula with psychedelic and ambient nuances Monohero is known for. He described this album as “dark, and full of wistful atmosphere” with some “little brighter moments.”

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  1. Tulak Bala
  2. Kilau
  3. Muladhara
  4. Udara
  5. Maria
  6. Anakata
  7. Lonely
  8. Ajna
  9. Desember Jangan Menangis
  10. Antah Berantah

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