Monica Hapsari – Chant of the Sun Scream – Single


The End, Is The Beginning

Once upon an aeon, in a land beyond time.

There was a Monstera, who filled her hand, with the black black soul of endless Nights. The mistakes she made, carried all along, through time and space. She can not ever let go, of the memory of sufferings that she had caused to so many sentient beings. The earthly bodies of those beings, were turned to dust because of her. But she can not ever, escape, the haunting of her own regrets, her own wounds.

The Desert became her witness,
The Moon became her witness,
The Sun became her witness,
In a Hope that one day, Purification will heal her heart.
All alone in solitude, wandering and wondering, to redeem the wounds of all beings, that became the wounds of her self.

She cried and lamented:
“Forgive me, pain and suffering, all beings that I had wounded
Forgive me, all beings that caused me pain
All this time, I thought you were my cruel enemies
For divinely, you were all my humble teachers, forced me to surrender
You humbled my heart, in a hope that one day, I will rejoice in humiliation”

Along the journey, she met a male Shaman, a voyager from the land of ICARIE. Then he taught her, and savagely nurtured her. And The Shaman sang a lamentation to her,

The Song of:


“Here is to the grains of sand beneath my feet
Here is to the grace of the sun that burns my skin
And let them, cleanse
And let them cleanse, my soul
In solemn solitude, shall I venture
In solemn solitude, shall I drown the past

And start it all,

More than a decade later, she sing that song of the shaman. It gives her hope among destructions and chaos in a cycle that begun to feel obsolete. In a firm realization of:

“With my consciousness of birth, then death is my certainty
With my consciousness of a neeting, then separation is my certainty
With my consciousness of the rising of the sun, then sunset, is inevitable

That with assurance, sunset is only the beginning, of a new cycle of sunrise
In life, the I is dead, and in death, the I will be alive

Someday, sunset will give you the blessing of nothingness
To become nothing but everything, all at once
To forgive, let go, and surrender
And welcoming new hope, the new cycle of the Surya (Sun)
The ‘new’ cycle of evolution”

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Staff Comments: 

“We had the privilege of seeing and hearing Monica back in 2019 when she opened for Mitski. Now, nearly 2 years later, she came back with more than we’ve ever seen. The track has its own mystical factor, a grand sound to it too. Worth a spin and works as a primer to her works too. We’ll be expecting more of Monica’s solo stuff”.

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