Methclass – Ether Circuit


“Ether Circuit” suggests a connection or circuitry that transcends the physical realm, possibly alluding to a network or flow of energy that exists in an ethereal or metaphysical space. “Ether” historically referred to a hypothetical substance filling the upper regions of space, thought to be the medium through which electromagnetic waves travel. In a modern context, it can symbolize a subtle or intangible essence. “Circuit” usually implies a closed loop or network of connections.

Together, “Ether Circuit” could signify a complex interplay or network of intangible energies or connections beyond the physical. It carries a sense of the ethereal merging with the structured, possibly indicating a fusion of the digital and human realms. In this track, the idea is to create music that has interconnections so that lyrics/poems can be generated directly and have many meanings and reinterpretations depending on the context used by the master prompt. uses text-to-speech so that AI can give the output from the master prompt wants.

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Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3, and .WAV format by request to