Maccentus – GUKKI


Preview Track: A place of ours

GUKKI is an illusion experienced by the main character. The urge of escapism and finding a better place to settle in. A matter which spends time with the main character in their own universe. This album is a dystopian love story experienced by the main character and is about seeking for GUKKI or this illusion which illustrates love. It is an experimental album combining Lofi, Pop, Hip-hop, and a little bit of R&B.

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  1. My sense, thus
  2. A fallen angel from my dreams
  3. Gukki
  4. Intervals
  5. Complicated
  6. A place of ours
  7. Later ever after
  8. SHAWTY (Route 1)
  9. REDEMPTION (Route 2)

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.