LasMugen – Lukas’ Chronicle


Preview Track: Lukas’ Chronicle

LasMugen is Deugalih (from Schizophones; vocal, guitar) and Ferry Nurhayat (from Syarikat Idola Remaja; keyboard, synth). Lukas’ Chronicle was written by Deugalih in 2004. Its original title was Stigma and was played by Schizophones. Lukas’s Chronicle is a part of LasMugen’s first album, Chapter 3: Lukas’s Chronicle, released in 2022.

The album tells the stories of Lukas, a character developed by Deugalih throughout his musical career that started in 2004. In total, Deugalih wrote 22 songs about Lukas. LasMugen presents ten songs about Lukas. The rest of the songs will be delivered by Deugalih in his own forthcoming albums, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

In telling the stories about Lukas, Deugalih decided to share ideas and collaborate with Ferry Nurhayat in Chapter 3. Ferry delivers an astonishing touch to Deugalih’s music. LasMugen presents Deugalih’s pieces, but in LasMugen, Ferry owns the stage.

A message from LasMugen:
“Enjoy the single, and see you in Lukas’ musical universe next year!”

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front. 

Staff Comments: 

“As catchy as it is interesting! This certainly is a change of pace for Deugalih and everyone should pay attention to Lukas’ musical venture”

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