Kaveh Kanes – Arabia’s Frankincense Trail – EP


Preview Track: Rose Garden

Arabia’s Frankincense Trail is Kaveh Kanes and Humsikk’s first EP. Having their roots in jangly indie pop, popular back in 2010 with bands such as DIIV or Beach Fossils. This EP land them their first full length release afterwards with Kolibri Rekords for “Capital” and a second one with Anoa Records for “Loanwords”

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Staff Comments: 

“The OG Kaveh Kanes! If you know what they’re capable of in “Loanwords” or “Capital”, you’ll love “Arabia’s Frankincense Trail” – Kaveh Kanes really showed their influences and perhaps were searching for their own sound in this EP”

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  1. Rose Garden
  2. Modern Times
  3. Sabine
  4. This is Pure

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.