IGMO – Dystopian Tropical Sojourn


“Dystopian Tropical Sojourn” is IGMO’s first single after ‘Take It Over’ (their debut album). It retains the IGMO’s 70’s rock DNA. However, unlike anything else in their first album, they placed some outside elements such as ambient and drop-tuned guitar; givng the taste for their upcoming sophomore. Lyrically, “Dystopian Tropical Sojourn” showcases fantasy-themed lyrics.

They were written by Dio (singer-guitarist) and Iga (guitarist) and talks about how human developments affect our surroundings In this track, they imagined themselves to be a “yeti who is gradually losing his home due to global warming.” “I think it’s a metaphor for our daily issues. As a race, we’re growing, yet we also sacrificed a lot of things,” Iga said.

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.

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