Hari Raya – Submarine


“Submarine” tells the story of someone who has high hopes for his partner, be it in terms of friendship or love. There is a reason behind why a submarine was chosen to be the main character’s vehicle in this song. It starts with the story of a man who is also a friend of several Hari Raya personnel who told the story that he met a woman at the Surabaya Submarine Monument. After some time after he told the story, it was revealed that the story was a lie and that it was just the wishful thinking of the man who had a high imagination. From the story, Hari Raya finally decided to make it a song with the theme of wishful thinking.

For our release on The Store Front, it will be in the form of a bundle in which there are bonus tracks, namely Submarine (Acoustic Version), Podcasts, and also Posters.

“The dreamy indie rock group’s first single is breezy and sweat as well as hearthrobing”

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  1. Submarine
  2. Submarine (Accoustic Version)
  3. Podcast

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.