FEMUR – Sketching The Holy Blood


Preview Track: Darah itu Suci 

Sketching The Holy Blood is the first album of FEMUR, a Death Metal band from Samarinda, East Kalimantan, which was formed in 2014. In this album, FEMUR tries to tell about the perspective of life experienced by each personnel at that time. By presenting a melodic European Death Metal nuance that can be heard from elements of guitar riffs, a drum blast beats as well as ambience and choir which later became the hallmark of FEMUR for this album.

The songs entitled ‘Darah Itu Suci’ and ‘Defisit Empati’ became singles from the album Sketching The Holy Blood. The song ‘Darah Itu Suci’ tells about a reflection of the actions taken by humans towards the view of lineage that is carried out easily to bring offspring or to wipe out descendants in the world without thinking about the consequences of it all. Then the song entitled ‘Defisit Empati’ tells about the point of view of the loss of empathy or compassion or numbness of a person responding to a polemic or problems of another person, which here is reflected in a group of people who are very willing to stand above the suffering of others even though they know the cause. of problems that arise.


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  1. Appreciate this Life
  2. Darah itu Suci
  3. Defisit Empati
  4. Dominus Flavit
  5. Eruption of Soul
  6. Jiwa Terpasung
  7. Realisasi Ego
  8. Sesal Meradang
  9. Sound of Natural Sickness
  10. Terisolir Tradisi Darah

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