Dongker – Menghibur Domba di Atas Puing – EP


Preview Track: Memaksa Menari

Dongker first EP released via Greedy Dust titled “Menghibur Domba di Atas Puing” features a fast fun embedded in five tracks.

wav format available by reaching out to us via after checkout.

Staff Comments: 

“Dongker came out of nowhere and now has been a mainstay in my daily spin! The band brings energy in all five tracks, their songwriting proves to be concise and funny at times. Surely one of the best EP to come out in 2020.”

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  1. Celaka Kau, Sampah!
  2. Balada Gehel
  3. Merusak Kesenangan
  4. Memaksa Menari
  5. Kita Tersesat

Includes: Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.


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