Don Wilco x Prime Manifez – Jurnalisan EP


Preview Track: Jumat Agung ft. Altarlogika

‘Jurnalisan EP’ is a collaborative project between 1 MC and 1 producer. This EP is also Don Wilco’s and Prime Manifez’s first collaborative project. Both are members of Def Bloc collective.

This release is exclusive to The Store Front.

Staff Comments: 

“Crazy to know that this is their first time collaborating on a project. Prime Manifez’ minimalistic beats really feeds well in letting Don Wilco showcase his skills and storytelling on every track.”

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  1. Minggu Tenang
  2. Mode Senin
  3. Manuskrip Senja
  4. Selasa Kliwon
  5. Rabu Abu
  6. Kamis Putih
  7. Tirakata Sepertiga Malam
  8. Jumat Agung ft. Altarlogika
  9. Maklumat Jam Malam
  10. Sabtu Kelabu

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.


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