Darkside – Unspoken Grief


Preview Track: Unspoken Grief

“Unspoken Grief” is an obituary that we didn’t get to say to those whom Kreator’s mentioned as “The Fallen Brothers”. We try to perpetuate every story and spirit of those who have passed away. Capture it in lyrics and songs, accompanied by a promise to keep the fire burning and the wishes to carry their dreams. “Unspoken Grief” is Darkside’s first single after releasing their debut album “VII” (pronounced: Seven) in 2020. This single was done using a completely new approach for us in response to the pandemic that broke out shortly after we first spread “VII” via digital platforms. Separated by distance and time, we plan to unite ideas through virtual channels. We also did the recording process from two cities: Jakarta and Magelang.

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  1. Unspoken Grief

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