Dangerdope – Chapter One


Preview Track: Coba

Dangerdope is a project of DJ Rencong, a native of Aceh province in the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Started in 2005 and today based in Jakarta, it is a project of hip-hop, instrumental, soul, funk, jazz and drum and bass jugle which he combined with sound bites from movies, talk shows, conversations, old Vynil and many other things into music he refers to as a sound collage.
Dangerdope began his career in 2001 as a DJ for hip hop band called Angkatan Udara and now he is a member of Dynomonk, musical collaboration between Dangerdope and Jedimonk, they perform live with Akai MPC 1000 since 2007.

He also make a project called Jalan Surabaya with Mc Belal from Surabaya and Unkle Ho from Australia.
He builts on the skill with which he manipulates samples, taking rare and unheard pieces of music and reworking them into parts and phrases for his songs. Many of his tracks feature dozen of samples.
Dangerdope famously sampled Indonesian composer Broery Marantika, Bob Tutupoli, The Brims, A. Rijanto, Lilies Suryani, The Steps,aka, Ect. Dangerdope produced their music with turntable, Akai MPC 1000 and Akai MPC 2000.

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  1. And they get high
  2. Aku
  3. Gelisah
  4. Betapa
  5. Kenalan
  6. Coba
  7. Manis
  8. Ingin Aku
  9. Seperti
  10. Tersenyum
  11. Pergi
  12. Musick
  13. Pagi
  14. Reynetts
  15. Dangerimentals
  16. Sederhana
  17. Polisi in hell
  18. Sun is dub

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