Preview Track: Dom Sumurup Ing Banyu


“Kulasentana is a mini album consisting of five songs, each representing a chapter in a fictional story which can be read on the web novel application. There is an 18-page booklet containing poems, stories behind the composition of the song, photography, and typography, available exclusive on Storefront only.

These works, a combination of fiction and music, were inspired by Adi Perkasa’s efforts to overcome the sadness he felt due to family problems, due to literally meaning of Kulasentana in KBBI is family. This is in line with the Five Stages of Grief, a model initiated by a psychiatrist named Kübler-Ross. However, the arrangement adjusts to his own experience. Starting with Tunggu Lain Hari which represents the stage of depression due to past wounds that stays forever. Mengisahkan Lara, describes the denial stages of each individual coping mechanism. Dom Sumurup Ing Banyu, inspired by the Javanese proverb which is the same as the song’s title, tells the story of the wrath of betrayal. As Much As I Am, the one and only English song that explains the negotiation process to forgive and forget because there is a deepful regret. It concludes with Teka-teki, a song about acceptance inspired by a crossword game.

Adi Perkasa wrote all of these works himself. He also created his own music in collaboration with several well-known names in the Indonesian music industry. Andi Armand, Producer of fourtwnty, who is the person behind music production and arrangement of Kulasentana. Meanwhile, Aria Ardikoesoema, a singer and songwriter who also produced Vicky Mono’s latest work, also composed the music of Dom Sumurup Ing Banyu. Lastly, Adolf Bernardinus, the person behind Takaotubo, collaborated with him on the song Tunggu Lain Hari.”

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front. 

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Staff Comments: 

“Adi Perkasa and his piano. Draws you in and gives you an immersive listening experience.”

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  1. Tunggu Lain Hari
  2. Mengisahkan Lara
  3. Dom Sumurup Ing Banyu
  4. As Much As I Am
  5. Teka-teki

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3, digital booklet.