0636 – Gegeran


Preview Track: Sungai Ular

In accordance with the spirit of the previous EP, 0636 (read: ogeg) still carries sounds that are identical to electronic dance music with Techno and Industrial styles. However, unlike the previous EP, in GEGERAN there is more exploration by 0636 in various directions, both from the aspect of rhythm, arrangement and sound design. In this EP, 0636 plays more with sounds that come from the treasures of Indonesian music, both from the vocal sounds found in the compositions of Dinamisme and Sungai Ular, as well as from the use of rhythmic sounds found in the compositions of Topo Ngrame and Gegeran. It is undeniable that 0636 in this EP still cannot be separated from its basics as an electronic music group with a lot of use of synthetic electronic sounds that appear in this EP, such as the giant synthesizer sound in Dinamisme, the percussive electronic sound in Topo Ngrame, the sound of the big kick drum to the gurgling and sound of the hoover lead in the Sungai Ular. This EP is the embodiment of sound exploration by 0636 over the past year.

Still in the typical spirit of 0636, apart from all the technical and pragmatic things in making this EP, there is a little social commentary inserted in the music. This EP highlights the tendency of Indonesian people, both now and in the past, to make noise among themselves, known in Javanese as Gegeran. Based on various reasons, it is undeniable that as a plural society it will be very difficult to avoid disputes. We can see this both in the latest social media and in Indonesian history books. The aggressive side of Indonesian society, which is detached from the stereotype as a friendly, polite, and high sense of family society is what we want to highlight in this EP.

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Tracklist :

  1. Dinamisme
  2. Topo Ngrame
  3. Gegeran
  4. Sungai Ular

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.