Xilang Bvdaya – Pencak Xilat


Preview Track: Pencak Xilat – I


Pencak Xilat is a double single by Xilang Bvdaya (Fahmi Mursyid) from Bandung Indonesia. All Songs are Produced and Mastered by Xilang Bvdaya With Special Remixed by Tuja & Hxxmo.

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Staff Comments: 

“This release got me excited ever since Gabe Gabe Tapes teased this a few weeks before the release date. It has its appeal of sonic aggression and manic tendencies. If you’re looking for something to jam to, this is your answer: A couple of singles plus two remixes that represents aggressiveness.” 

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  1. Pencak Xilat – I
  2. Pencak Xilat – II
  3. Pencak Xilat – I (Tuja Remix)
  4. Pencak Xilat – II (Hxxmo Remix)

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.


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