Vahitra – Nun


Vahitra is Sanskrit for ark; a giant ship in ancient religious tales; the family as well as a medium to turn our wild thought into rock.

Formed in Turen the south side of Malang district circa 2022, Vahitra consists of Nay (vocals), Raksa (guitar), Pel (bass) and Doel (guitar). Which became “the ark” to continue exploring our musicality that we have kept so far.

Vahitra plays rock music with a slight accent from our musical reference.


Our first song is called Nun, the beginning of our meeting when we were looking for a way out. About what we believe, when the night’s gaze and the blazing of fire we provide to something that shines in a dark. Based on our anxiety that leads to a point of gratitude and great hope to be a human being who are always sane and remains empty.

This single is part of an album we are currently working on, which we are completing as soon as possible.

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.

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