Taman Nada – Sosok Di Ujung Hari


‘Sosok di Ujung Hari’ is a single released by Taman Nada to reaffirm their existence. Ups and downs had passed during 11 years of their journey. This Surabaya band’s only romance song will be the opening gate for the next album release. The lyrics of the song, which was written by Atthur Razaki, tells of a temporary separation. Sometimes longing comes when it’s not the right time nor condition. The song was composed 8 years ago after Taman Nada decided to change formation to become a full band. Other songs were created after. ‘Sosok di Ujung Hari’ is very meaningful for Taman Nada personnel’s who had been absent for more than 5 years.

Aku tak kan kemana. Roman-romannya malam telah tiba. Coba tengok aku yang tak sabar menunggu. Sempatkanlah waktu di akhir pekan.

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.

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