Takaotubo – collage of friends.


Preview Track: promises

. is the fifth album from Jakarta-based pop project, Takaotubo. Set to drop as a surprise release on October 14, 2023. Although several previous releases by this music act helmed by Adolf Bernardinus has always been rife with collaborations, cross-genre twists, and hidden features, this latest release uses them as its main theme as each song is a fruition of working together with a circle of talented friends that make themselves apparent like seasoned actors under Takaotubo’s meticulously crafted artistic direction.

If being a sudden release isn’t extraordinary enough, the entire album was created in just 12 days. Channeling creative spurts and bursts of ideas, Takaotubo and his collaborators showed their distinct yet complimenting styles and identities, capturing in-the-moment acceleration in every note.

Despite this short timeline, the album’s quality and depth remain undiminished (okay this is an over exaggeration) As with each release, Takaotubo explores an even wider array of sounds, as highlighted in tracks like “eh.” and “promises” which draws inspiration from early 2010s alternative pop rock in the former and fidgety hyperpop in the latter. Despite this diverse sonic tapestry, Takaotubo’s distinct lyrical and musical style remains consistent. Garnering a dedicated following over the years. “loneliest hour”, another standout track, features grandiose instrumentation, including a string arrangement and a one-man choir. Further solidifying the complexities and depth which are already easily apparent in the album.

Clocking in at a way more compact length than before, the album exemplifies Takaotubo’s meticulous approach to music production. As each moment is dense with detailed musical and lyrical content. Bringing out the best, energetic, and sometimes peculiar out of Takaotubo’s musician friends, this album promises to be his most entertaining release yet, while also pushing the boundaries of his music.

Takaotubo continues to explore themes of grief, despair, melancholia, and everything in between through emotional and often unforgettable performances. With a little help from his friends along the way.

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  1. bleeding hands
  2. xd
  3. cecocet
  4. eh.
  5. loneliest hour
  6. promises
  7. estoy tirado (re al!!)

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