SHAPE was formed end of 2019, starting with 2 members Mathces and Joey, We play Shoegaze with touches of Doom and Wall of Sound elements to create heavy riffs and atmospheric sounds. After a few months we decided to make a demo 2 tracks, “Fuzzed In My Room & Fade” and released by a small label called “TnT Records”.

These track was the beginning of our journey and at that time we’re inspired by bands like a Failure, Glare, HUM. After two years, we decided to look for new member and in the middle of the year Eka Okta officially joined as bass player. We started working on material for single this year, which will serve as a bridge to our first EP release in 2023 with a new format and gloomy sound. “Dealing Doomsday After Buried” is our promotional single that tells the story of someone planning the end of the world after their death.

This single was inspired by Planning for Burial, Thou, and Bell Witch. We combine shoegaze and doom metal. The EP will be released in early 2023.

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