Sandrayati Fay – Nest EP


Preview Track: Pohon


The Nest EP was a vulnerable experience for Sandrayati Fay, with a tender welcoming into personal spaces. It stands for the bravery of translating moumental moments of life into the creation of music, gathering a noble collection of songs into a safe nest of expression.

In addition to the EP, a year later, Sandrayati recorded a live version of the song ‘Pohon’ as a remark of coming home to Bali, her motherland. Under the great ficus tree older than our time, Sandrayati’s voice and her delicate guitar meet to celebrate episodes of life that need to be honored and let go to move forward.

The motherland is solid ground to begin anew, to heal old woulds. Nest is also an ode to the everchanging intimacy of home, to the honoring of a cycle.

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Staff Comments: 

“Breathtaking. Not sure how else I could describe this beautiful body of work by Sandrayati Fay. Simply breathtaking.”

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  1. Pohon
  2. Still Love
  3. Bunga
  4. Brown Eyes
  5. Segala
  6. Pohon (Exclusive Live Version)

Includes: Digital download in 160kbps MP3.


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