Sajama Cut – Payudara EP


Preview Track: Payudara (Bijaksana Beriman)

Payudara EP is a continuation of Sajama Cut’s 2020 album ‘Godsigma’. It contains the single ‘Payudara (Bijaksana Beriman), which was recorded during the Godsigma section. The song focuses on a culture of ‘victim blaming’ wherein survivors of sexual attack and harassment are often blamed for the actions of their attackers. The EP also contains an archive of demos for ‘Godsigma’, dating back to a 2015 iPhone voice-note demo and selections from a studio-recorded demo session in 2017.

Payudara EP also celebrates the exact one year anniversary of Godsigma.

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front. 

Staff Comments: 

“Another take on Godsigma, Payudara EP gives a different perspective of last year’s acclaimed album. Give it a go if you’re into some alternative tunes or you’re already hooked on Godsigma!”

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1. Payudara (Bijaksana Beriman)
2. Kesadaran/ Pemberian Dana/ Gempa Bumi/ Panasea (live demo, 2017)
3. Lautan Yang Memeluk Cermin (live demo, 2017)
4. Adegan Ranjang 1981 ❤ 1982 (live demo, 2017)
5. Menggengam Dunia (live demo, 2017)
6. Tekstur Kulit Wanita Kaya-Raya (voice note demo, 2015)
7. Adegan Ranjang 1981 ❤ 1982 (voice note demo, 2015)
8. Terbaring di Pundak Pesawat, Termakan Api, Terlentang, Tersenyum (live demo, 2017)

Includes: MP3 320Kbps download.