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Preview Track: Turning 18

A band based in Medan, Indonesia, that has been active since May 2017. Moongazing and Her is Dara Delila (guitar, vocal), Sarah Sihite (bass, vocal), Valdi “Aji” Fahrizi (guitar) and Elisabeth (drums). The band was started with Aji who met Sarah. The did a little folk/pop duo project together untul Aji met Sarah’s friend, Dara. It turned out Aji, Sarah and Dara shared the same musical taste & interest,
so they decided to form a band. After years of doing music together, the trio later
met Elisabeth which now completes the group. They did their first live performance as a quartet in 2019.
Moongazing and Her is highly influenced by indie pop/surf pop bands such as Alvvays, Best Coast, etc.

“Turning 18” is the 2nd EP from Moongazing & Her, which takes the theme of “coming-of-age”, which means a person’s transition or change from a child to an adult. This “Turning 18” EP is a development of the first EP (See You in The Letter EP – 2018). By including a more emotional element, about a person’s personal, social life, as well as about the circumstances that force us to face adulthood, and of course packed with “simplicity” typical of Moongazing and Her.

All songs are written & composed by Moongazing and Her
Produced by Broken Strings
All instruments recorded at Broken Strings Studio
Mixing and mastering oleh Valdi Fahrizi
Album Artwork by Dolly Efriando

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  1. Turning 18
  2. Cookie Crumbles
  3. Half-cut
  4. Wallflower
  5. AM
  6. Gnat

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