Monica Hapsari – Umbra


Preview Track: Umbra



Beginning of an End Apart from the wing of the Shaman, Eons later, she then travels alone in the excruciating pain of Loneliness All she has left was and forever will is her Voice On infinite tears of lamentation, she then unintentionally enters an Unfamiliar Territory of an Unfamiliar Dawn A pitch black land, so dark that all she can see is her Breath The Dark Land of Umbra, where only very few souls dare to enter In the midst of Fear, Anger and Self Chaos, she begins to dance and learn brutally, to Let Go Decades and decades of ‘Dancing’ in suffering she begins to ‘see’ that the gigantic Dark Land, begins to dance in Alignment to her she begins to ‘see’ that the gigantic Dark Land, is a gigantic Mother With Her Ten black hands, She is the Universe Herself she begins to ‘see’ The Mother’s blindfolded Eye, The Mother’s Heart, The Mother’s Essence The Mother then whispers a thunder to her heart: “Fear not of the Dark, my Child For Darkness is older than the Light The end was the beginning, beginning of an end From every infinite paths, from every infinite cause and effect Will lead to One and Only Truth, to One and Only Prima Causa Tan hana Dharma mangrwa Forever Dance to The One, forever Grace to The One Burn Me to ashes, then I will be born again into a New Fire.” Then the song of The Mother is born “UMBRA” O, Mother of the Moon In black black of the night And from Her ashes Born and burn The Fire The end was the beginning Beginning of an end Darkness older than the light Dance dance to The One Then death shall come Then new life shall arise Which above is what below Grace grace to the One O, Mother of the Moon In black black of the night And from Her ashes All shall be forgiven.

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