Logic Lost – Learn Nothing (feat. Rully Shabara)


Preview Track: Learn Nothing


Learn Nothing – featuring Rully Shabara
off of upcoming album Degenerates, out July 2022.

“An obvious sign of a deteriorated world is if things seem to stay the same. Prejudice, war, corruption, slavery, censorship, power abuse, seniority, money worship… history is full of examples on how these things inhibit mankind’s progress, yet it still happens on relatively similar scales as before. These problems appear in different forms in the next era, and they have been proven to halt the development of a peaceful world and human understanding. Now with the advent of technology, it seems these problems are more prevalent as we can feel it being directly used against us. So, with this endless cycle of suffering, we ask ourselves. What did we learn from the past?”
releases June 3, 2022
Composed by Dylan Amirio
Co-produced by Yudhistira Abjani
Vocal Textures by Rully Shabara
Artwork by Emirpasha Bhaskara
Mixed by Mahamboro
Mastered by Anggasta Giovanno Rheza

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.


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