Leipzig – Nothing Grand / Manchester 56-80


Preview Track: Nothing Grand, Nothing Fun

Nothing Grand / Manchester 56-80 is a debut maxi-single from Leipzig which consists of two short and no-nonsense friendly punk songs. The lyrics on first track is a homage for those people who struggle and still uses their head and brain for keeping them alive while the subject of the story for track two is pretty obvious. Leipzig is a band hailing from Bandung. Formed in 2021, the band consists of four member that has already active in Bandung music scene. Together, they crafted a punk-friendly clatter and snarky which taking cue from 70s punk and/or early post-punk music. And on top of it, they wed it with sometimes-witty yet wacky bilingual lyrics.

Staff Comments:
“Contradictory to the title itself, everything about Leipzig is something grand and something fun.”

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.

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  1. Nothing Grand, Nothing Fun
  2. Manchester 56-80: The Pilgrimage of Tuan Curtis

Includes: MP3 320Kbps download.