KUNTARI feat. Rully Shabara – Plausible Pulse


After 10 years using his own name professionally, Tesla Manaf thrills to change his new Stage Name as KUNTARI. The project itself is to differentiate Tesla who is widely known as a Guitarist, with his new direction and field: Electronic Music. KUNTARI spirit is to combine two musical artists who never face each other before and communicate on stage with their own instruments. The combination is between two cross genres, different backgrounds, and opposite fields; makes the music barely describe; and aims at producing new possibilities of sound, noises, and other voices.

Noise and Dark Ambient appear and took a big part of compositions. the Sound that represents Dark voice inside persons head and Foley in every detail peoples motion, celebrated on the stage.

A Mixture between wild imagination, Body Movement and Movies Foley, made the compositions offer a surprises to audiences and the player as well. Lead by personal emotion, he put every life experience in the Arena where he celebrated his unsettled mind.

NoiseBox – Tesla Manaf
Voice and Effects – Rully Shabara

Music and Composition by Tesla Manaf & Rully Shabara
Produced by Tesla Manaf and Rully Shabara

Recorded Live at Tesla Manaf Studio (June 19th 2019)

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