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Preview Track: Hanahaki Disease


The Debut EP ‘Self Esteem in Progress’ consists of 4 tracks including their past singles ‘Starry Night’ and ‘Hanahaki Disease’, which has been streamed more than 65.000 on Spotify. The EP is a reminder that to be able to console ourselves with our own problems, the first thing to do is to believe in ourselves and build it up into the better version of ourselves. ‘Self Esteem in Progress’ utterly represents each one of the members as an individual, friends, and as a band.

Due to our current situation that’s happening in the world, it is undeniably true that the Uncertainty can be overwhelming and unsettling at the same time. Guernica Club’s latest single ‘Uncertainty’ tells a journey about a person who’s willing to take risks in order to achieve certain goals, despite all the obstacles and difficulties that occur, this person will strive to overcome these problems. Vocalist Kenisa Amor elaborates “Not everything about vagueness is filled with bad news; although it can make unpleasant circumstances worse, surprisingly ‘Uncertainty’ also makes positive events more exhilarating.” The official music video of ‘Uncertainty’ is already available on Guernica Club YouTube channel and the music video was directed by Clay Creative House.

There are many inevitable ups and downs moments that have occurred lately, we could easily say it’s been a nightmare, therefore, Guernica Club is channeling their uneasiness into making music, which is based on the global issue, Pandemic. Guernica Club explains “Our music focuses on creating a mixture of the past which is essentially projecting the present moment into the foreseeable future.” For Guernica Club, the ‘Pandemic’ came as a blessing in disguise. Throughout the Pandemic, stress, anxiety, and insomnia have increased for many of us because of the stay-at-home rules. Nevertheless, some people may see it as an unexpected joy of finding new hobbies during the lockdown. Spending extra time at home seems like the best opportunity For Guernica Club to dig into the new yet creative writing process as well as the recording projects.

“Along the way all of us have developed better tools in improving personal development. Through our music, we wanted to share and tell stories about ourselves and wanted to share the journey about our obstacles.”

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Staff Comments: 

“A rising name in the Indonesian music scene. Guernica Club succeeds in bringing in a refreshing sound and delivering a solid project that has moments worth revisiting back to.”

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  1. Starry Night
  2. Hanahaki Disease
  3. Uncertainty ft Kartika Sembayang
  4. Pandemic

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.


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