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Preview Track: If We Know Each Other Well Enough, Maybe We Can Go on A Date

Conveying Romance in the Land of Fairies, Drizzly Releases EP “Fairyland” “Life of fairies in “Fairyland” is similar to the stories of humans” Surabaya (25/04/2023), Drizzly – Doing music doesn’t always go smoothly, especially in an all-female band, as Drizzly did. They have gone through various twists and turns, from internal conflicts to personnel changes. A twist that is not forever like a fairyland, a land of fairies. After a long time with additional drummer Ferry RP (Timeless), now Manda (Vocal), Moza (Bass), Faye (Guitar) welcome their newest member, Rascillo (Drums). This moment was also celebrated by releasing an EP which summarized all the big themes of the land of fairies since “Bitter To See You” and “If we know each other well enough, maybe we can go on a date” by releasing an EP entitled “Fairyland” via Lisdia Records , Bandung starting May 1, 2023.

There are no grandiose reasons, this time Drizzly is trying to release the Fairyland EP through Lisdia Records, Bandung with the hope that this release will be able to reach a wider audience. “How should we put it… the main reason is that we want to expand our relations. So we were the first to offer a demo of the Fairyland EP,” said Manda explaining her approach to Lisdia Records. Regarding the fantasy theme, Drizzly thinks that the big theme of fairy tales and the lives of fairies in “Fairyland” is similar to the stories of humans. The fairies also go through a lot of obstacles like in the song “Grasp All, Lose All”, where friendships are not always smooth and filled with friendly people. “Like humans, fairies also have obstacles in their lives. The song Grasp All, Lose All really tells about friendship conflicts. it’s hard to accept the reality that friendship is not always smooth & loyal with friends. This song is also a manifestation of one-sided desires & one’s selfish character can actually ruin everything.” Obviously Manda tells the theme “Fairyland” Also, during the recording process, Drizzly did not experience any significant problems, even a lot of help from various parties, such as Firhan from Croud and Artifact Records itself. “During the recording & production process it was smooth & fun. Drizzly also got a lot of help from Artefakt Records & Muhammad Firhan (from the band Croud).” Manda revealed about the process of recording the EP “Fairyland” The plan, “Fairyland” will be released digitally on May 1, 2023, to coincide with International Labor Day. In fact, May 1 was also chosen not on the basis of an international holiday, but more on the post-Eid holiday atmosphere. “May 1 was chosen because I wanted to wait for the end of the holiday, so that when people return to reality they can listen to something fresh that might cheer them up hehehehe” explained Manda.

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  1. A Moon Parch’t
  2. If We Know Each Other Well Enough, Maybe We Can Go on A Date
  3. Peachy World
  4. Grasp All, Lose All
  5. Bitter to See You

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