Contemporary Art – Glazed


Preview Track: Flare

Glazed, which recently released by their record label, Ramu Nada Records, is a manifesto of the passionate life of youth that captures all of its dynamism and is accompanied by exquisite chords and a rough and dreamy guitar tone. Their lyrics, which are more sophisticated and poetically worded, reflect the gloomier undertone more and more. The four songs on it may seem upbeat without losing their identity as a modern emo release, as opposed to becoming softer.

They all have a small amount of shoegaze and emo, which blend into the avalanche of emotive tunes. It contains the DNA of bands such as Title Fight, Citizen, Nothing, and Heals.


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  1. Flare
  2. Forever Nothing
  3. Hopeless Romantic
  4. Daphne

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3 and .WAV format by request to