BLCKHWK or Blackhawk is an extreme group of musician playing grindcore from Palembang. Along the way, a few of them moved to Bandung, the band failed to make an album back in 2013 because of this. Now they got help from other musicians in Bandung to finally make their final album. With only 2 original members left, they recruited the rest of the personnel to make their debut album. Billy and Aldo recruited Arison (Bogeman), Jeffry (Rawa Buaya, Asylum Uniform) and John Bimo (Disabled, Kontra Sosial, Grasp of Dynamite, ex-Moragrifa)

“Useless” is an opening number from their debut album that will be released in November. The track tells us about a habit of being careless and useless for the people around us.

Staff Comments: 

“As exciting as it is depressing, BLCKHWK finally have an album on the way and you should cop this if you’re excited!”

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