Bahtera – Au Revoir Jacaranda


Preview Track: gO0D bY3 7acaR4nDA

au revoir jacaranda is the second album from the Bahtera project which was initiated by Ali Azca as a form of farewell to his old studio and celebrating moving to a new place.

The first three tracks on this album (waterdrop in jacaranda, goodbye jacaranda, & fin(d)) contain sample compositions of soundscape sounds that are commonly heard in the environment around the studio. These sounds are processed using a granular synthesis method to bring back the spatial form in the form of an abstract sound composition to present certain images/fantasies. Then in the last two tracks (purification (begin) & purification (happen)) which uses sound material from the modular synthesizer software, it is a purification of all the processes Ali Azca has gone through to start new things which hopefully will be full of exploration and experimentation in the future. godspeed.

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.

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  2. gO0D bY3 7acaR4nDA
  3. f1n(D)
  4. pUrific4t10n (b3g1n~~)
  5. pUrific4t10n (h4pp3n)

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3, Exclusive Artwork, and .WAV format by request to