And Bellyaches – Liberty


Preview Track: Liberty

After releasing their first single, Count to Three (It’s Going to Start), in November 2022, this time And Bellyaches is releasing their newest single, entitled Liberty. This single still continues the same energy from the previous single, about an acceptance of the good and bad of all things that are experienced by every human being, about a human awareness of himself that lives side by side with infinite possibilities. From a musical point of view, Liberty is very thick with the sound of synthesizer instruments, drum machines, and things that are closely related to electronic music, which makes it different from previous singles. The aspect that remains the same is on the vocal part, Marshall Libert is still not alone, this time And Bellyaches features Kinanthi Larasati on the female vocal part.


With the release of Liberty which is musically different from previous singles, And Bellyaches aims to introduce one by one the types of music that will later grace And Bellyaches debut album, and also introduces a situation where the past is just a memory, the future is uncertain. Relax, keep trying, be grateful, enjoy today.

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  1. Liberty
  2. Grateful Grapefruit

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