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“Wild” and Attempts to Humanize Humans

In the past two years, mental health issues have become a stain on the domestic music scene. A Curious Voynich, a post-hardcore quintet from Bogor City did not escape taking part. On Friday (27/03), the group was joined by Gustmar Helmy (Vocals), Dito Buditrianto (Guitar / Vocal), Indra Julianto (Guitar), Dipta Dwiputra (Bass), and Adith (Drums) released a single entitled ” Wild”. “Liar” was born from the fruit of Gustmar’s resentment, who saw the anomaly of society’s contribution to mental health. On the one hand, we condone mental health promotion campaigns, but on the other hand, we unconsciously curse people who try to speak out, seeking help (often in the form of attention-seeking). Social media should become a place for various forms of emotion to be shed, instead of being a place for sword fighting. The lack of face-to-face interaction makes us blind, that what we drop is still human. Therefore, ACV tries to raise mental health issues without presenting toxic positivity, and this is an important point.

Technically, ACV has succeeded in giving a new color to the mental health “genre”. The music is far from being seductive, but the substance of the lyrics is enough to give a clear direction to where this song will lead. No need to patronize or stand on higher ground, “Liar” takes the position of a friend who is willing to sit down, listen, and invite us to stand again. The single “Liar” can also enjoy through a lyric video in collaboration with Cycojano, on the YouTube channel A Curious Voynich.

-Alita Dantrie

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“A good serving of post hardcore, give this one a spin if you’re interested in this Bogor-based act!”

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