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Notes from A Curious Voynich:

Leave for a moment the hustle and bustle of Jakarta and other big cities. Let’s take a look at Bogor, the city of rain, which has recently been hot in music – even at the same time.

Towards the end of 2020 and at the beginning of 2021, there are many names from Bogor who finally released their newest works. Like an anomaly, if you remember that for most of 2020, the names from Bogor seemed to be sluggish, like resigning to life side by side with the pandemic. You could say that 2021 will be revenge for those who have harbored a desire to release something new.

If anyone remembers the releases of names from Bogor in 2020, one of them is “Meninges”, a single from the alternative-rock experimental unit, A Curious Voynich (ACV) which was released last August.
Now, in March 2021, almost a year after “Meninges”, ACV is getting ready to welcome the newest chapter of their discography by releasing “Evaporation”, their newest single.

If “Meninges” carries a big theme around mental health, then “Evaporasi” still has a common theme from the previous single. Anxiety (anxiety) faced by humans, is the main dish served by ACV this time.
“We want to talk about anxiety, from a first and second-person perspective. The origin of this anxiety is too many things to think about, things that not all should be answered. Finally, too, these worries will evaporate over time if we do not always seek an answer to the many problems in this world “. That is what Dito Buditrianto said as the creator of “Evaporasi”.

Sound heavy? Indeed. But still, this quintet should release numbers that carry a big theme that feels related to their current age range. You don’t have to insist on looking young by bringing up themes about love and its trifles.

However, don’t worry. The big, heavy theme was delivered by ACV with – of course, typical of ACV. If “Meninges” seems to be cooling down from the previous numbers, then “Evaporation” marks the return of the Omadith’s energetic drum beats, accompanied by Dito and Indra’s guitar riffs, Dipta’s bass beats, and closed by a pull. Gustmar’s signature vocals.

From behind the scenes, ACV was also assisted by anotherbonr (Life Cicla) in the mixing and mastering process, also recorded in his studio, Amplop Records.
Reportedly, “Evaporation” will appear first through The Store Front website before finally appearing on various other music streaming services. One more good news, that this single will be the opening for ACV’s newest album soon.

In closing, I would like to quote some of the lyrics of this number, as well as a motivator full of optimism to face the chaos of reality lately.
“Lebur rasa ciptakan terang, biaskan gelap, biaskan gelap”.
Enjoy! “Evaporasi”.

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.

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Staff Comments:

“Continuing the momentum from “Meninges”, ACV brought something new to the table with “Evaporasi” – It’s still up close and personal, as we’ve seen in their previous releases. Give this one a spin for some good post hardcore tunes!”

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