Momo’s Mysterious Skin

Kareem Soenharjo has been busy, yes, that much is true.

The figure behind last year’s ensemble BAPAK. and their cathartic album “Miasma Tahun Asu”, the figure behind Indonesia’s most forward-thinking music production AKA Yosugi, and lastly, the figure who forefronts as BAP. and is behind the most talked-about-yet-obscure Indonesian hip-hop album of the decade, entitled “Monkshood”.

So yes, Kareem has been busy, but he hasn’t been doing anything less than creating his best rap album to date.

Finally, after 3 years of absence in exchange for health, hedonism, and unholiness, Kareem is back with your new favourite album this year.


30 Minutes. 12 Songs. An album of pride, love, hatred, self-awareness, intimacy, and other drugs we as human beings are so enticed by.

Treat this album like a work of art, treat it like your lover, treat it like a bully from the past that you can’t seem to shake off until now. As all works of art are, it is meant to be witnessed, discussed, hated, and loved.

Thank you for waiting patiently, enjoy.

Written, composed, arranged, produced, and recorded by Kareem Pradipto Soenharjo
Mixed by Kareem Pradipto Soenharjo and Reonaldi Oktavandi Jessup
Mastered by Reonaldi Oktavandi Jessup

Guest contributions from Isiah of ENVY*, Kink Yosev, Tacbo, Greybox, RMP, and Alfath Arya.

Released via La Munai Records in association with Pesona Experience.